The club for business aviation, combining professional software with the power of an alliance: increasing our members profits.

About us

Our vision

With our newest project JETLEAGUE, we want to establish a smart network of airlines, pushing efficency in business aviation to the next level. We connect our charter manager AeroStudio to the JETLEAGUE network. This technique helps providing an more efficient access to the market and optimizes your fleet utilization, leading to a higher airline profit.

who are we?

JETLEAGUE is part of the SKYWORK Systems Group. We are a young start up from Germany, founded in 2018. With the help of the Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitization and Energy we develop software to enhance sustainability and efficency of air traffic.

What about the software?

Our modern charter manager AeroStudio is developed in house. AeroStudio is capable of planning whole trips regarding staff and aircraft – fully automated and in real time. The software contains all important databases and functions to manage costumers, staff, airports, aircraft and much more.

The Software

what is AeroStudio?

Automated Planning

Our Tool approximates real flight and block times, considers needed empty legs and finally checks availability in regard of staff and aircraft. Based on this information, the most efficent way to serve the request is calculated - fully automated and in realtime.


To provide the required information, our software contains all important databases and functions to manage costumers, staff, airports, aircraft and much more.


AeroStudio enhances airline efficiency and sustainability by avoiding unnecessary empty legs and improving the fleet utilization. To guarantee the best possible user experince, all our tools are web based and optimized for mobile use. Every employee can get his personal access.



Join the Club

Members get exclusive access to the JETLEAGUE network and all associated functions within AeroStudio. By sharing capacities, you profit from the more efficient routes. However, nothing is mandatory.

The software

You get unlimited access to AeroStudio. This new developed charter manager alone will help you to enhance your airlines efficency.

No commitments

JETLEAGUE implies additional features within AeroStudio. Our tools will always only propose to share capacities and choose more efficient routes. You are welcome to choose your requests and customers like you were used before.



If there are any questions left or you are interested in our products, let us know!

Roman Sadlowski - CEO of SKYWORK Systems



Forster Weg 29

52066 Aachen, Germany


+49 157 88676480